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Welcome to our web site! With our help and assistance, each of you will find the best professional realization on board ships or other offshore facilities.

In order to give you useful information and tips on how to find a job. By using our services and our experience in the industry, you are increasing your chances of being accepted by the Company / Shipowner to fill their vacancy.

Our team will do everything possible to offer you the position that is most suitable to you based on your previous work experience and professional skills. To this end, based on a personal interview with each of the applicants, we aim for their best professional, psychological and emotional profiles to be presented to our clients who offer a variety of jobs on board. With our help, you have the chance to join an international team of people and build your career on board.

We are at your disposal and await your job applications and questions related to the vacancies announced on our website.

If you do not have an updated Application Form in our data base, please fill out one and submit it!

We wish you good luck!

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